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Annoying thing about traveling out of the south!

People without southern accents don’t respect their damn vowels and it makes for awkward confusions. Like the time my friend Austin told the Starbucks person his name and they thought he said his name was “All Stan”. 

I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the differences in regional linguistics! But come on, how the fuck do you mistake Austin for All Stan?! Or saying “I saw this really big hawk” and them not understanding the word ‘hawk’. (no joke, had this happen to me, lol)

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Yo guys!

What is up with y’all asking me to write various PWPs?! 

Lemme explain it again and slower this time: I don’t even READ those things. I’m sure as hell not gonna write one. 

It’s not you, or your kink (although whatever gross ass motherfucker who asked me to write a fic where Clint calls Phil ‘daddy’ in bed and asks him to spank him cause he’s been a bad little kid, you need Jesus), or anything like that! I just don’t read fic for the sex. I actually often skim over sex scenes if they’re gratuitous. I am a fan of fading to black or non-detailed sex scenes (I just wrote one of those tonight) so I can get on with the story. 

TL;DR - I only write sex scenes when the sex is significant to the plot of the story. I do not read or write PWP/ short oneshots that are just an excuse for a sex scene.

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